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Would you do it again? Did you find anything historical hiding under old wallpaper or in closets?

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I look out on Puget Sound and watch seals, otters, and eagles. Every hour a ferry passes by. When my husband and I moved in, the house had been here for years. The renovation took two years, and it often felt like an archeological dig.

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The original wallpaper, hidden under nine other layers, was newspapers with fascinating stories and ads for eggs and butter at amazingly low prices. We found old china and even a rusty revolver! The whiskey bottles of one of the previous owners were buried all around the house. When we dug them up and put them in a pile, it was as tall as I am! Before becoming an author you were a freelance writer. Is there anything about your early days of writing that you miss? What was the most exciting thing you did in the name of article research from that time? I greatly enjoyed my years as a freelance writer.

To get stories, I interviewed fascinating people and traveled to interesting places, and I learned so much about so many different things.

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I also had incredible experiences. My most exciting was following a grizzly bear in Montana for a week with biologists, who were training her to stop marauding in garbage cans and to stay away from people.

I loved that bear. I will never forget her. Certainly, I miss writing stories like hers. Writing novels is solitary work, but freelancing gets you out into the world. Can you share your story with us? It took my husband and me two long years to get her to stop urinating and vibrating from nose to tail when any man walked in the room.

She was terrified of everything and had no understanding of grass or toys. But she became a fabulous, loving dog and was a living example of the miracle of healing. I had always been supremely sensitive to animals and had rescued many. But Bea changed my life. To get her stories, she followed a grizzly bear for a week, went hang gliding to see how an eagle felt soaring through the sky, and watched in awe as millions of bats emerged from a cave at dusk like clouds of smoke. Kristin's books have been translated into twelve languages. She lives on an island in Washington with her husband and their rescued German shepherd, Bridget.

From her desk she watches ospreys and seals, and every day an otter wanders through the yard to go for a swim. Visit her on Facebook or at www. Literary Fiction. Book Series. Is this feature helpful?

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Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention unexpected grace von kreisler well written heartwarming storyline unconditional love animal lover good read dog lovers golden retrievers enjoyed this book best friend happy ending thoroughly enjoyed really enjoyed loved this book easy read like dogs great story art of racing.

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An Unexpected Grace - Kristin von Kreisler - Google книги

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback. Lila refuses to adopt Grace, because twenty-five years ago a dog attacked her leaving her afraid of canines. They call a canine truce and head to their different floors in the Crockett Building. At Weatherby and Associates Public Relations, Lila begins a typical day until she hears a fellow employee pleading with someone when shots are fired. Rampaging janitor Yuri Makov kills seven people and wounds three including Lila before committing suicide.

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  • At San Francisco General, Dr. Lovell tells Lila she was lucky as she received only flesh wounds, but psychologically she cannot get rid of Yuri pointing his gun at her. After leaving the hospital Cristina takes Lila to her home in Mill Valley where the other roommate Grace frightens her as much as the newcomer scares the dog.

    Neighbor Adam visits Grace who is elated every time he shows up. As Lila slowly emotionally recovers so does Grace with each soon learning to trust the other; while Adam hopes both heal quickly so they can become a loving trinary star. An Unexpected Grace is a poignant contemporary due to the mentally wounded lead female and a very wary canine; while the male protagonist's romantic role feels more of a distracting requirement. The moving character driven storyline focuses on the changing relationship between the hurting leads with Adam and to a lesser degree Cristina acting as the connectors between the troubled woman and the anxious dog.

    Readers will appreciate Lila and Grace helping each other heal. Harriet Klausner. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This was to be I thought about a rescue dog and so much of the beginning was about her gun shot and how she hated this dog. The story was very slow in reading, she was very uncaring to the dog and all she cared about was getting rid of it.

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    • The story seemed to focus more on the shooting incident she was involved in so not sure why the title of book was what it was. After she 'found' the lost Grace, I deleted from my Kindle cuz got tired of how boring it was. Sorry for the negative opinion but disappointed. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. The hero of the story, Grace, has been rescued from a terrible situation where she has been severely abused and neglected.

      Unexpected Grace: Nancy & Robert’s Story

      Grace winds up being cared for by another traumatized creature - a woman who neurotically hates and fears dogs. It is a love story between these two. Funny lines and moving moments keep the reader engaged. I read a pre-publication edition of this book and ordered 2 more copies to give to friends. I was so disappointed in this book that I don't even know where to begin. So poorly written.

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      The main character spends a lot of her time thinking what she thinks other people are thinking - in great detail. And, she is so obsessed with WHY a co-worked went postal. She goes on and on about it - she can't move on until she knows WHY. If she can just speak with his mother she'll be able to understand WHY.

      But Grace, like Lila, needs time and space to recover. Grace keeps her distance, sensing Lila's wariness, and only perks up for Adam, the neighbor who rescued her. Though struggling to make sense of her recent tragedy, Lila, an accomplished artist, begins to see beauty in Grace's wisps of fur and haunted eyes. As Adam points out, Grace, too, has suffered through no fault of her own. And in helping Grace to trust, Lila is being gently nudged toward the courage she needs to do the same. Rich in warmth and humor, An Unexpected Grace is a story of compassion and connection, and of finding that what truly makes us whole again may be the love we give away.

      Includes Reading Group Guide. To get her stories, she followed a grizzly bear for a week, went hang gliding to see how an eagle felt soaring through the sky, and watched in awe as millions of bats emerged from a cave at dusk like clouds of smoke. Kristin's books have been translated into twelve languages.